Electronic Waste Recycling

Your Solution For Removing E-Waste

As technology continues to improve, and newer gadgets hit the market, it’s common for households and businesses to amass a collection of outdated equipment. Our team can make electronic waste recycling easy through our bulk pickup services. Simply give us a call to receive a free quote. Our team will then arrive when scheduled to throw everything you need in our truck and haul it away.

Your All-In-One Solution

Most cities won’t accept electronic equipment being part of your regular curbside trash. This is because electronic waste, or e-waste for short, contains hazardous materials that must be handled and processed in a strict manner. However, most municipalities will require you to dispose of your e-waste at multiple donation centers, or schedule a special pickup (that you typically need to haul out of your home or business yourself).

Our team can take all of your electronics, remove them from wherever they reside, and do so at a time that fits your schedule.

Why Is E-Waste Recycling Important?

Electronic waste recycling contains non-biodegradable components and toxic substances that can be harmful to the environment. Electronics are also made up of valuable materials that can be recycled. Recycling these materials saves energy on procuring new ones, conserves the amount of natural resources we’re pulling from the earth, and reduces the amount of waste being dumped into landfills.

Recycling your electronics prioritizes environmental protection and sustainability.

Let’s Get Hauling

It’s easy to clear away your old electronics. Just fill out our online form or give our team a call today at (815) 353-8402 to schedule your bulk pickup services.