Estate Cleanout Services

Peace Of Mind Through Efficient Junk Removal

Estate cleanouts typically occur due to serious situations such as downsizing, divorce, debt, or a death in the family. We understand the difficulties people are going through before even beginning this process. That’s why we offer reliable and compassionate estate cleanout services. Our team can work closely with you, your family, or estate liquidator to ensure all desired items are safely packed into a moving truck or mobile storage unit before clearing out the rest of the estate.

Before We Start

There are several steps that should be taken before scheduling estate cleanout services:

  • Locate Important Documents- This can include anything from wills, trusts, deeds, titles, tax records, insurance records, and more.
  • Look Everywhere- People will stash things everywhere. Be sure to look in every drawer, pocket, knick knack box, shelf, under the couch cushions or mattress, inside of shoes, etc.
  • Collect & Share- Be sure to collect any items you or your family would want, especially precious items like family photos, home movies, or a favorite piece of memorabilia.
  • Donate What You Can- Items such as clothing typically have little resale value, so donating them is the best option. Rid the Rubbish prioritizes donating whatever junk items we can to help our local communities and the environment.

Roll-Offs Are A Hassle

You’re already between a rock and hard place dealing with paperwork, family, and making other arrangements outside of clearing out an estate. Don’t include the hassle of renting a roll-off container! These containers are not only an eye sore, but they’ll require you to fill them as well as guess what tonnage fees and other hidden surcharges will apply.

We’ll make sure to be upfront with all costs related to the job and include them in our quote.

Rid The Rubbish is here to give you some peace of mind during what is likely to be a stressful time in your life. You can contact us via our online form, or by phone at (815) 353-8402. We’ll provide you with a free quote and get your estate cleanout services scheduled immediately so you can have less off your plate.